Finally, a multivitamin your kids will love, and you will love feeding them.

If you’re worried that your kids aren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables, we have a healthy and simple solution. The Multivitamin Biteamin is the first whole food vitamin from YUMI for ages 2+ that delivers on brain-boosting ingredients!

Learn how we’re different.

Iron is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies we see in children...which can adversely affect long term neurodevelopment and behavior,” says pediatrician Dina DiMaggio MD. “The Yumi Multivitamin Biteamin is made from whole foods and helps deliver essential  iron, so it’s an effective way for parents to fill nutritional gaps in their diet”.

Dina DiMaggio, MD

Pediatric Associates of NYC and NYU Langone Health. YUMI Medical Advisor

Multivitamins made from: 

whole foods featuring 15 fruits & vegetables, as nature intended. 

vitamins and minerals from whole foods


No Added Sugar


Standalone delicious. Not coated in sugar to make your kids like it. Kid-tested and parent-approved. No tricks.


Rich in Iron

The most common deficiency in children.



vitamins from synthetics. 

Synthetic vitamins are made from chemicals to mimic the natural way your body absorbs nutrients from food.



Coated in sugar to make it “taste better.”

Multivitamins made from:

Synthetics ❌

Unhealthy Dyes  


Other Brands

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Sugar Coated


No Iron.


Backed by board-certified pediatricians.

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Whole food ingredients. 
15 organic fruits and veggies, all in one bite.

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